Manteln League

PenaltiesSeason 5

94 4NekomancersvsEthmister MotorsportB 3 pts linkEthmister does overly agressive defending and a very bad rejoin resulting in a total of 3 penalty points.
16 3UKC RacingvsThe Chosen OnesA 1 pos linkPosition penalty for UKC for contact during overtake between creader and panrafo
19 3TheDonnyRevversvs3WMB 1 pos linkPosition penalty for 3WM for miel contact on hillerstrumpa during overtake
99 3NekomancersvsEat My ShortsA 1 pos linkBT going into james rear causing james to lose control. Not intentional but not enough was done to prevent it as a whole.
49 2BTKFGGFsvsKCMB 1 pos linkPosition penalty for KCM for Beavis causing Dootchi to go wide and losing the inside for the next corner ultimately losing a position.
5 2The Chosen OnesvsNordic OutlawsB 1 pts linkOver-aggression from sensus on lap 3 and some other minor contacts throughout the race
68 2MEMEvsBackMarkersA 1 pos linkPanzer causing Pyry to go on grass and loosing speed, and then overtake happens next corner. Confirmed by Panzer he by mistake put Pyry off track.
86 2DSRT MotorsportvsEat My ShortsB 1 pos linkArma turning in too early, not given enough room for tijs causing tijs to understeer
1 1UKC RacingvsNordic OutlawsB 1 pos linkToca penalised for overtaking knaak unfairly
1 1B 1 pts linkSensus penalised -1 point for minor contact with knaak causing him to lose control on the exit of first hairpin
44 1BTKFGGFsvsNo TeamnameB 1 pos linkAbu illegally impeded another driver during overtaking by running into the back of Morgane. Abu also overly aggressive in the beginning of the clip.
0 1The Chosen OnesvsUKC RacingA 1 pts linkAedn given a point penalty for consistent contact and over aggression into the first hairpin ending with a late lunge on lap 7 costing creader quite a lot of time