Manteln League

General info

This page is for everyone who is about to or is already competing in the Manteln League. The info provided on this page informs you about what is expected from you during the season as a driver as well as for your team.

Format & Points

Your team will race two races each week, one home and one away. If you are the home team for a race you start on position 1, 3 and 5. The away team starts from the remaining spots and will choose if their team starts on the left side or the right side of the grid, or in other words: the inside or the outside relative to the first corner. The order of your team should be the order that the game has loaded you in. You're not allowed to change that order during grid formation.

You can race any day during the week, as long as the desired 30 minutes time slot isn't already taken and you can agree with your opponents about it. Your team faces each opponent within your division twice and fights for points in 3 vs. 3 races. The track will be announced every sunday before race-week. The car will always be announced one week before the related race-week. This is to give people enough time to create a custom team skin for the car.

Your team earns points based on the finishing positions of your team members. 1st position will be equal to 6 points, 2nd position equal to 5 points up to last position which will be equal to 1 point. Winning team gets a bonus point! This way every point and position matters in the long run.

How to race

Step 1: Schedule your race(s)

At the beginning of every week your My-league page contains two new races. For each race your captain has to discuss with the captain of the opponent on a fitting date and time on which you will race. As the home team captain you are responsible for filling in the date and time for that specific race on the My-league page. See the image below for the My-league interface for a home race captain:

Example of a filled in date and time form

In the event that you cannot find an available time slot where your team and your opponent can race, message your division responsible. He will help you further find an appropriate time slot by either asking other teams to change their time slot or giving you the ability to race parallel to another race.

If one of your team members is not able to race any time slot during the week, you will have to race with 2 drivers. And the absent drivers will virtually finish last in the race. Your opponent may still race with 3 drivers. When one team is not able to provide sufficient available time slots, the division responsible might decide to force a 3 vs. 2.

Step 2: Join the (correct) server

For the races and practice there are 4 or 5 dedicated servers. For all servers you need at least the Manteln-league-mod. You can subscribe to the mod at the Wreckfest Workshop:

Manteln League Mod

If you are racing in Division 1 you are required to subscribe to an extra mod since no-stability will be enforced here:

No Stab or TC

These are the servers with their title and purpose and are available 24/7:

  • | League | Race No-stab (Extra no-stab mod)
  • | League | Race
  • | League | Practice #1
  • | League | Practice #2
  • | League | Practice #3 (NA Race)

If you have a driver from North America in your team, you are allowed to use practice server #3 as race server. Since it's hosted in the UK it will give you a lower ping. Races with no driver from North America should always use the race servers.

Step 3: The race

Before doing a race, make sure your team is aware that clean racing rules are applied in the Manteln League. We are strict on clean racing and don't tolerate unfair driving. For this we have set up Rules and Guidelines on behavior, tracklimits, overtaking, lapping, contact and what we expect you to do after you have caused or been the victim of an incident. Make sure your team understands and agree to the Rules and Guidelines:

Rules and Guidelines

As shown on the My-League page you can choose between two starting methods for the races. The 'chat-start' means that a streamer or organizer writes 'Grid ok', 'Ready' and 'Go' in the chat of the race. Because a chat-start can leave a team with high ping at a disadvantage, a team can choose 'voice start' to reduce the delay significantly. The 'voice start' will always have priority. If 'voice start' has been chosen, your team is required to join the league voice-channel where the countdown for the race will take place. You will get invited to join the appropriate channel before the race. Make sure your team joins the voice at least 5 minutes before the race starts. When the countdown has ended, your team will be placed in a separate and private channel.

After the race

We hope your team has had a good race and can look back at a great effort. The first thing your captain has to do now is to submit the result on the My-League page. This result is independent of potential penalties that can be applied afterwards by the organizers. So don't wait submitting the result regardless of what happened during the race. When both teams have filled in the same result, only then the result will be included in the official standings. See the image below for the My-league interface for filling in the result:

Example of a filled in results form

Now, when something happens during the race that your team is not happy about and wants to be compensated for, your team can send a report to the League admin that is responsible for your division. For more information about this subject you can read the following page:

Reports handling

Questions & Feedback

If you have any questions regarding information on the website or league related, ask them on the Manteln Discord. There you can talk to the organizers and other participants and they are happy to provide you with answers to your questions. If you encounter bugs or something is not working for you, message @Miel who is active on the Manteln Discord.

Discord Server

Good luck with the races and have fun throughout the whole season!