Manteln League

Reports Handling

Every season in Manteln League there are admins assigned to specific divisions to be responsible for handling incidents that require further investigation and potentially punished with an according penalty.

Every team is able to report an incident that disadvantaged them unfairly during the race. They should do this by sending a direct message (DM) on Discord to the responsible of their division. Who is responsible for which division is made clear in the #league-info channel in the Manteln Discord server.

Provided with the report, the team captain should attach a video-clip of the incident from either their own recording or taken from the stream that was active during the race. The admins cannot investigate the incident if no video proof is provided. Alongside the video the captain has to give his point of view on the incident and why they think they have been unfairly disadvantaged, as well as the point of view of the offending team.

An "Incident" means any occurrence or series of occurrences involving one or more drivers, or any action by any driver. The report will be taken seriously when a driver:

  • showed disrespectful behavior;
  • caused a false start;
  • caused a collision;
  • forced a driver off the track;
  • gained advantage from driving off the track;
  • illegally prevented a legitimate overtaking maneuver by a driver;
  • illegally impeded another driver during overtaking;

Penalties will be given for violations as defined above, however, if a violation results in the victim losing positions then instead of applying a point penalty to the offending team, a position penalty will be applied. A position penalty will always adjust the final score of the race by +1 to the victim team and -1 to the offending team. In the event that the victim team still wins the race by 15-6 (maximum points) after having lost positions, only a points penalty will be applied to the offending team. If the severity of the violation is too high for a -1 penalty to the offending team, then a -2 penalty or a DQ for the violating driver may be applied.